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The girl who lived near a river

A girl whom no human ever saw except for her father.  The girl was still happy  because everyday she had friends with her , coming all over to drink from river. The life was happy there the voice of water and fish in river  everything was so perfect  One day the girl throught she will […]

How little that was

A few days back I wrote about the incident on K.e main gate, This time it is about The Buses gate and it is a bit interesting, There is a 20 year old man selling chips in fornt of it , A few days back I saw him and his arm was a bit pale […]

5 Rupees to weigh yourself

Minar e Pakistan All gates closed these days because of terrorism , except the eastern gate. Though be happy because Badshahi Mosque is not open for visitors either. When I entered in Iqbal Park , I saw this and my first thought was like “A new way of Begging” then I said aloud ” Yar […]