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Your Friend is in a battle with Shatan

You will find people doing small sins and you will find people avoiding even the minor sins. Let me straight come to point, Please don’t ever make anyone commit a small sin because it might not be lethal for you but it can be lethal for others. let me tell you how?

Every person is different in terms of physical appearance, intelligence, character, etc we all know this and we all accept it. Every person is different in his virtue and sins. Read more

How can I manage time for deen and dunya?

A brother asked this question

Question: Assalam o Alaikum Brother how can i manage time that i give it to deen and dunya? I am an undergrad student of Computer science?I am following your page from past year and Masha Allah you had great experience of time management.That is why i contacted you?Any tips?

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5 Rupees to weigh yourself

Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan All gates closed these days because of terrorism , except the eastern gate. Though be happy because Badshahi Mosque is not open for visitors either.

When I entered in Iqbal Park , I saw this and my first thought was like

“A new way of Begging” then I said aloud ” Yar Zaiquo Mein Yoosha “

which thought was right, better you decide,

I wanted to interview this person but I went away because we were short of time, I don’t want this post to be about terrorism but even the perimeter of Minar e Pakistan was fenced. So after a little while we were coming back and I saw this again and
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I sold eggs on a Bus Station

Eggs Boiled


Today  23rd March Pakistan day , it is 11:00 PM and It is raining outside and I am home from bus station after selling eggs.

Hassan Shahbaz Chief Editor of our magazine New Direction came in Lahore and we had a splendid time together.

I went to see him off on Faisal movers terminal, the bus was late and it started raining heavily so I had no choice but stay there for sometime.

I saw a 9 year old Ali begging, I am not going to tell you his story and about death of his father etc , and How he knows How to get home at 11:00 PM alone ,, I am not telling you this because I have a more interesting one to tell.

He was a 5 year old , and just asked us do you want an egg? I said no instantly, then I asked that cute little kid , Do you go school ?

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Abdul Rehman

I was leaving mosque after Zuhar. He was standing right in middle of mosque, near the cabin door so Everyone leaving has to pass by him. He was shaking hands with everyone, with a cute smile on his face. I shook hands with Abdul Rehman.

I asked him to pray for me and then we sat down , I started narrating and Abdul Rehman prayed with me

” Al Hamdolilah , wa salat wo salam o Ala rasool lilah ,

Ya Allah waqar pr reham farma, Ya Allah abdul Rehman per rahm farma , Ya Allah waqar ko Halal ata farma , or Haram se bachnain ki Taqat ata farma ,Masjid from Inside

Al Huma Salaleha ala rasool ul Allah wa salat a salam o ala Ashab e Ajmain ”

The prayer ends , La ilha Ill Allah, Muhammad ar Rasool lil Allah, Abdul Rehman asked me with all his innocence, “Ap ko kia hua he , ?Read more

when you run out of money – A day with little budget


Money, and a lot of money. Everyone needs more money because it gives us more enjoyment and more power. That ultimately brings happiness. But what happens when you run out of money? Yesterday was a holiday because of Kashmir day. So I just threw my wallet away and put up all my money in my pocket. And what happened next is obvious, I grabbed my empty wallet and forgot the money. Read more

Free your mind from your favorite Political Party (for 5 minutes)

These days a Political party is celebrating Sindh Festival, and you can see its advertisement on all News channels .These festivals are “invention” of another political party. A few days back I was coming home from bus stop around 2:00 PM , I saw adverts of Youth festival, and they were all over the place, hundreds of them on roads of Lahore.

I completely agree sports are very helping, to have a sound mind, but just a random thought came what is more important sports or education ? The advertisements on TV? Have Provincial governments ever started a campaign about education? One I know was started by Geo TV Zarra Sochae.

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Be a complete doctor , not an Incomplete one

I strongly believe our names have 0% relation with our thoughts,

last week our ward was in surgical Outdoor , and I met Doctor Waqar for the first time in my life.

He was our in-charge for one week,

Dr. waqar told us “Make your connection with Allah, A doctor’s practice is not complete without Allah. I try to connect with My Allah ,and connection with Allah is built with two things. Prayers and HOLY QURAN.”

“I pray for a lot of people, even for my patients. I treat them Allah gives them health.”

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