Sexual abuse with children

I know this is a little long post but This is a very serious problem and a great number of rural children are still being abused everyday. Please spread awareness.
Sexual abuse with children aged less than 18 years is associated with several psychiatric and physical problems after 18 years of age.
These children are at an increased risk of performing unprotected sexual intercourse, sex work, having multiple sexual partners, multiple sexual partners, substance misuse, suicide attempt, sexual offenses, adult sexual revictimization and self harm.
They are at a higher risk of developing psychiatric disorders like PTSD, eating disordes, depression, anxeity, borderline personality disorders, conversion disorders.
And at a higher risk of developing obesity, HIV, pain and fibromyalgia.
Are there any proven interventions for children that prevent sexual abuse or tone down the adverse effects of child sexual abuse if it has already happened?
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