I sold eggs on a Bus Station

Eggs Boiled


Today  23rd March Pakistan day , it is 11:00 PM and It is raining outside and I am home from bus station after selling eggs.

Hassan Shahbaz Chief Editor of our magazine New Direction came in Lahore and we had a splendid time together.

I went to see him off on Faisal movers terminal, the bus was late and it started raining heavily so I had no choice but stay there for sometime.

I saw a 9 year old Ali begging, I am not going to tell you his story and about death of his father etc , and How he knows How to get home at 11:00 PM alone ,, I am not telling you this because I have a more interesting one to tell.

He was a 5 year old , and just asked us do you want an egg? I said no instantly, then I asked that cute little kid , Do you go school ?

He said : Yes ,

So you go school and then what are you doing here ?

He said : I am selling eggs. who asked you to do this ? what your father does?

He works in the morning and then me and my brother (he was about 12) sell Eggs at night.

Making it brief , Irfan and his brother were going school in the morning and helping their family in evening by selling eggs.

I bough an Egg for Hassan and we ate it together. and then I asked them How many have you sold today , Irfan the 5 year old replied with his cute smile


Ok Lets sell some eggs together and meanwhile A passenger Naeem complete stranger to me hearing us tried to help kids with some money without buying an egg but they refuse to take it.

So me, Irfan and his brother., The Team of three went to sell eggs ,

Our first customer was an uncle and we tried our best to convince him but you know sometimes uncles are hard to convince.

And then we met Faisal a private medical student and we sold one Egg to him but he said he was full so he just gifted Egg half , half to both brothers and Irfan ate the whole .

I had no more time it was 10 : 30 PM , rain stopped outside and it was time for Hassan to leave. So I said Good bye to Irfan and came back home, with plenty to think about.

How beautifully the kid told us the lesson we never realize ourselve

“To work and earn something yourself,” though the circumstances forced him to do this at a very young age.

“To believe in your hard work” as he refused the money Naeem gave him.

“to be happy and smile forgetting all your worries.”

Yes he did that, the kid had a lot of worries but he forgot all of them , because people were buying his eggs and that was the Best moment I had in last few weeks .

on a side note Naeem and Faisal were strangers but they were from Bahawalpurandit was so refreshing to meet someone from my Home town.

That is How I sold eggs on a bus station and yes today was the Pakistan Day 23rd March and that is Pakistan where we need to do a lot,

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  1. Laila Nisar
    Laila Nisar says:

    I daily see so many kids working on different shops,selling something.Insisting people to purchase that they are selling.But extremly sad they don't go to schools,this is ofcourse not their mistake.They are compelled by the society they live in.The angel you spoke about is adorable,bold and happy with what he has and what he does.He really gave a big lesson to all of us that No matter whatever the circumstances are we should never give up and should move ahead as he is 🙂 Allah bless him. And big round of applause for you because you convinced uncle 😉 and sold eggs..


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